1st level – Self-healing training in Hirudotherapy for the beginners

To start with, we offer the “First Instruction in Hirudotherapy” fundamental course.

It deals with the basics of hirudotherapy, care of leech and how to apply them in a safe and professional manner. Some medical knowledge helps but is not essential. The theoretical and background information is provided online (for this part of the training BAH estimates 7 hours self-study); then in addition a practical 2-day (at least 15 hours) training is provided. After completion of the practical part, appropriate publications are provided online for further development (for this part of the training BAH recommends 28 hours at least self-study).

The trainee would then receive a certificate of attendance and be an associate member of the BAH and also of the British Complementary Medicine Association for an unlimited period of time. This gives trainees the possibility to receive free supervision and advice from the these organisations. Also BAH further offers to develop practical skills and theoretical knowledge during CPD seminars (50 hours per year at least) and public knowledge sharing meetings (3 hour sessions plus, once a month).

For this level BAH encourages a total of 50 hours of practical experience in Hirudotherapy.

Start Date: anytime throughout the year
Cost: £795.00
Theory (online) + practical part (available online or in person, duration 2 days at 62 Fortune Green Road, West Hampstead London, United Kingdom), which is followed by further studies, practice & research.