3rd level – Advanced professional and CPD training for existing and BAH accredited Hirudotherapy specialists. Each module could be taking in order that fits your need.

The next step, possible after 6 months from the previous training level, is designed for applicants interested in advanced live leech applications. It is a one day Accelerator Training (of not less than 6 hours) for the Fundamental Integral Course in Hirudotherapy, designed for experienced Hirudotherapy practitioners who would like to be able to introduce a wider range of complementary treatments necessary to ensure a patient’s health improvement and provide the best preparation/aftercare treatment for live leech applications e.g. techniques for correct breathing, a set of modern physiotherapy exercises. Even more importantly they are able to get supervision and advice from BAH’s experts and pass it directly to the patient on a particular schemes of leech product and food supplement combinations for their specific case.

The trainee is then asked to present documentary evidence of his practical activities for at least 300 hours and least 50 + 24 = 74 hours for Continual Professional Development and/or knowledge sharing seminars with BAH or other reliable training provider. After the completion of all requirements the trainee can receive their certificate of “Advanced Applications and Modern Technologies in Leech Therapy & Hirudopractice” and in addition a certificate of “The Integrative Quadracare: Focus on the Best World Experience Approach in Modern Leech therapy and Hirudopractice“.

For this level BAH credits a total of 580 hours of practical performance (200 for 1st and 2nd levels and 300 + 50 + 24 + 6 = 380 for the 3d level).

All CPD courses, please scroll down:

Dental (Cost: £795.00, Duration: one day)

Gynecologal (Cost: £1495.00, Duration: one day)

Urological (Cost: £1495.00, Duration: one day)

Prevention and rehabilitation in viral infection (Cost: £795.00, Duration: one day)

3  days training stretching osteopathy scheme – £895

1 day training anti-gravitation and de-compression exercises – £295 

1 day training thumper massage and vacuum massage – £295

2 days training  in hijama – bloodletting and needles on trigger points – £595

1 day training Tiber singing Bowls – training – £295

1 day training Alkalised Kangen Water presentation and right nutrition for people who want alkalised diet plus Herbal teas; right Environment for Human, Leech and Animals. 21st  Century dilemma: body, mind and spirit abuse/obesity with exercises, supplements, information and extended senses using modern industry and technologies. The way of balance and purity. The whole VIP session scheme review in the light of the Royal Method of Modern Leech Therapy – £295.