British Association of Hirudotherapy (BAH) has been established in London in 2007. We set up and protect the highest professional standards of the modern Leech Therapy and Hirudopractice in the UK and are dedicated to act in the interest of hirudotherapy profession as a whole:

  • expanding awareness of leech therapy and how it works
  • representing the interests of fully qualified leech therapists
  • overseeing and accrediting Hirudotherapy education to ensure excellence in training
  • promoting integrated healthcare and contributing to the development of national healthcare policy

Since 2007 BAH has undergone a major development and expansion. We have participated in multiple international events related to Leech therapy and have gained a wide recognition among numerous societies and organisations worldwide. BAH is an international leader in promoting Leech therapy. To date we have helped to establish Hirudotherapy associations alike in Canada, India, UAE and other countries.

Our mission

British Association of Hirudotherapy is on a mission to help over 1,000,000 people become healthier, happier and more successful!

Our vision

Is to train 20 practitioners in the Royal leech therapy method in 2020, 60 practitioners in 2022, 600 practitioners in 2025.

Let’s expand the knowledge of natural healthcare solutions and grow together!