In recent years leech became part of extensive scientific research (Sig, et al 2017). Cooper and Mologne (2017) report that leech saliva contains over 100 bioactive substances:

  • anaesthetic (to reduce or stop pain)
  • vasodilators (to improve blood supply)
  • bacteriostatics (to stop bacteria from reproducing)
  • anti-inflammatories (to reduce or stop inflammation)
  • anti-edematous (to reduce oedema)
  • anti-coagulants (to stop blood clotting)

NHS currently uses Leech therapy to avoid unnecessary operations. The Guy & St. Thomas Hospital, London leaflet (2018) states: “Leeches may be used to help improve blood flow in an area of tissue or skin flap that has poor blood circulation. Leeches do this by removing clotted blood (congested blood), which restarts blood flow in the small blood vessels of the flap and helps to prevent the tissues from dying”.

It also has various medicinal peptides that allow wound and tissue damage healing. Leeches considerably improve quality of blood and address numerous health conditions.

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