2nd level – Professional training to become safe, registered and insured Hirudotherapy practitioner

Since September 2016 we offer a professional training programme which enables students to qualify as Leech therapists / Hirudotherapy practitioners in the UK and other countries.

If a trainee wishes to work with fee paying clients, they would be required to perform a number of practical applications on themselves and/or family and friends for a period of at least 3-4 months. Each of these applications would need to be documented and reported to BAH as proof of experience and professional competence, and also a specific BAH questionnaire successfully completed. After being approved at this stage (BAH suggest it should take at least 100 practical sessions with full documentation for 150 hours, including self-study of material provided directly online and via internet links), they will receive a Hirudotherapy Practitioner Certificate as confirmation of readiness to begin practical sessions with the fee paying clients.

Alternatively we offer an online knowledge check (equivalent to answering the above mentioned BAH questionnaire) for membership for practitioners trained with other reliable training providers. BAH is aware of most of training centre activities and their reputations in the world via the International Co-operation Community of Hirudotherapy Practitioners [ICCHP] and also the World Hirudotherapy Association [WHA] (as Director of the BAH has been the secretary of ICCHP since 2012 and a full member of the WHA Organisers Committee since 2013).

For this level BAH credits a total of 200 hours of practical performance in Hirudotherapy.

The programme covers for following:

  • The First instruction in Hirudotherapy (Self-healing course)
  • Hirudopractice for patients with pre-cancer stages
  • Disease prevention and general health enhancement
  • Rehabilitation programme after recovery from a disease or/and a surgery

Start Date: anytime throughout the year
Cost: £795.00
Location: 1 Accelerator Day available online or in person at 62 Fortune Green Road, West Hampstead London, United Kingdom.