1st – 3rd levels: Comprehensive Traning in The Royal Method in Modern Leech Therapy

The Full Comprehensive 12-days training includes all Three stages of the BAH Education system

It will require 12-accelerator days of attendance (minimum of 3 academic hours each day depending on your progress). You can arrange with us each day separately with the gap of one week or more (it depends on your personal circumstances and our availability) In between we will ask you to practice for self-healing (also family and friends) and completing a particular assessment and treatment forms (which we will provide you with during training). In order, if you would like to be become later qualified in all 3 levels of the BAH educational system being certified as  The Licensed, Advanced, Safe and Fully Qualified Trainer in the Royal Method in Modern Leech therapy and Hirudopractice for the British Association of Hirudotherapy”.


Being trained as The Licensed, Advanced, Safe and Fully Qualified Trainer in the Royal Method in Modern Leech therapy and Hirudopractice for the British Association of Hirudotherapy.

You will assimilate knowledge of:

How to build a proper scheme in leech therapy (First Instruction and CPD), how to perform any of advanced applications, also using appropriately alkalized water and organic food supplements (during Life and Health Enhancement Coaching course) without abusing your body, learn the unique joints anti-gym scheme and massage, also a particular set of Anti-Gravitation and De-Compression exercises in order to enhance and prolong your own and your clients’ general health, youth and beauty. Get life-long skills for homeopathic wet-cupping (hijama) and the trigger-points relief using medical needles.

You will also learn how:

To perform Tibet Singing Bowls therapy, combining integrative approach of Modern Kinesiotherapy you will receive a toolbox and equipment completed with lifelong skills, which include “Muscular relief with Anti-Gravitational and De-Compression effects” (it is based on the unique Physiotherapy exercise system) in order to prepare your clients for live leeches therapy.

You will receive:

FIVE Certificates of Attendance and FIVE Certificates of Completion in regards to Hirudotherapy, Life & Health Coaching, Energiology and “Joints Massage” scheme for gentle Osteopathy and the Royal Method in Modern Leech Therapy, which will increase the level of Vital Energy, helping to create a particular the self-healing and self-enhancing conditions in the human’s body in order to prepare for the treatment (including operation), also to recover after the surgery, from the influence of major psychosocial factors (stress, fear, depression, surgery, trauma and post-traumatic syndrome, uncertainty, high-frequency electromagnetic radiation of a computer, mobile phone, TV, and nuclear effects).

All these will help to relief:

Yourself and your patients with back and joints pain, cardiovascular and sexual dysfunction (e.g. headaches, depression, tension, prostate issues and menopause challenges), prevent and overcome post-viral infection effects, after-treatment stage, pre-cancer stage, and any type of rehabilitation.

We can help you at each step of this process (or as far as you wish to take it), provide high-quality leeches, business paperwork, supervision of our International experts and the Full package of the BAH Insurance. All these benefits will be received by being the Safe Practitioner (referred by GPs), registered, accredited, licensed and insured BAH member). Also, you would be informed of any further CPD courses and events planned in the future.

To book the discounted price of £3,995 (it was initially £18,750) or the daily fee of £395 (it was earlier £1,250) of the Full 12-days Comprehensive training in The Royal Method in Modern Leech Therapy and Hirudopractice, please pay the course fee of £3,995 ONLY now!